Basic Computer Word Excel Courses

Introductory Computer, Word & Excel Training

While training with MYOB, we discovered that many people were still struggling with understanding a computer, we therefore offer courses in Basic Computer, Word and Excel. These courses have been designed for the new user or anyone wishing to consolidate their knowledge. Our Computer Basics course covers the essential things you need to get to know about your computer but were too afraid to ask. Learn how to use Outlook and other hints with emailing, save and find your files and documents easily, change your screen saver, search the internet, and more.

Followup with a word or excel course. You will never be afraid to touch that computer again!! After our courses, you will be able to use each program in the work and/or home environment with confidence!

As always, we offer ongoing support to all our students, that is personal and readily available, so you are not just left high and dry after you complete your courses.

Basic Computer Courses

(3 hrs per day for 2 days, 6 hours in total)

  • Getting to know your Computer.
  • Computer Icons and their meanings.
  • ​How to use Outlook / email.
  • ​Adding and saving attachments.
  • ​Saving and finding your documents.
  • ​Using the Internet and a few pointers.
  • How to use Picasa (a free, very simple photo email program).


(3 hrs per day for 2 days, 6 hours in total)

  • Introduction to Word.
  • Working with a Document.
  • ​Creating and formatting a Document.
  • ​Saving and finding your document.
  • ​Working with Tabs.
  • ​Inserting and formatting pictures.
  • Editing and Printing.
  • A link to a practice typing program.


(3 hrs per day for 2 days, 6 hours in total)

  • Introduction to Excel.
  • Working with Workbooks and Worksheets.
  • ​Creating a worksheet.
  • ​Formatting and customising in Excel.
  • ​How to use formulas.
  • ​Saving and finding a document.
  • ​Editing and Printing.